Its been very cold lately! Last night it got down to about 6 degrees F and normally it doesn’t get down much past 20. I expected to freeze to death this morning on the long walk from the parking lot to my work, but I actually noticed that 6 degrees really doesn’t feel much different to me than 30. So, that was kind of underwhelming. 

Even though its been so cold, it still hasn’t snowed! We haven’t had a good snow since I got my new camera and I am dying to take some snow pictures! Here are a few I took with my old camera that actually aren’t too bad looking.  Gahh. Looking at these makes me want some snow sooo bad!  I may have a mild obsession..

In other news, I ordered a bunch of vegetable seeds online because I was just way too excited to wait until the stores started stocking them! Yesterday my multi-colored carrots came!  I was hoping I would be able to start digging by now, but its been way to cold every day. If there’s no snow on the ground then I just wish it would be warm!

Today I found this really cute journal at Michaels. It is made out of cork! I haven’t decided what I’m going to use it for yet, a gardening journal maybe? And I kinda want to glue some stuff in there, maybe some flowers from my garden? Haha.

(Notice a blurry Jeeves peeking out from behind it, wondering what I am doing?)

Oh well, since I’m stuck inside I guess that means I should clean the house or something. :p

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