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Winston Lake

In the city of Winston-Salem, there is the popular Salem Lake, which is a favorite spot for boating, fishing and taking walks. But while out on a drive one day, we discovered the existence of a Winston Lake! And we just had to check it out since neither of us had ever heard of it before.

It’s a small, quiet little lake, quite different than Salem lake. But very secluded and peaceful. 

There were plenty of cute geese hanging around on that late November day

Almost all the trees had lost their leaves by then, so it was surprising to see fall colors again on whatever tree these were!

I’d love to build a little house on top of that hill.

Winston Lake was a nice quiet place to enjoy some nature. I’ve lived in this city for over 20 years and never knew this place existed. I wonder what I’ll discover next!

This fabulous goose wishes everyone a good day!