Outfit Details
Dress: Charlotte Ruse
Jacket: Target
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Forever 21

This is the only strapless dress I own, and it just happens to be one of my favorite dresses. I usually don’t buy strapless dresses because I feel like I look naked in them! I feel perfectly normal wearing a dress with teeny tiny spaghetti straps though, which doesn’t make much sense.  Luckily I have this little cover-up jacket that goes wonderfully with the dress and gets rid of the naked feeling. 

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s day!  I had pizza at my mom’s house and had fun exploring her garden. Be sure to check out her blogs How cute is that? and  make it special party planning

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  1. aw, i love it. i have two strapless dresses, but i don't wear them often because i have this weird nightmare that i think it will just drop off. which is stupid because they're tight. anyway. beautiful setting. the floral print of your dress goes perfectly with mother's day and the garden. love your outfit posts!

  2. I really like your dress, the floral pattern on it is so lovely.
    A perfect outfit for mother's day. 🙂


  3. haha isn't it weird how just a little bit of a spaghetti strap somehow makes you feel more covered up? it makes no sense. i get the feeling with the strapless dresses though. i like to layer chambray shirts under them when i want to feel a little more modest 🙂

    xo marlen
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  4. Absolutely GORGEOUS photos, my dear! You look so beautiful and the dress suits you. It was a perfect day.
    Do you all know you can add clear straps to any strapless dress? Check out the notions aisle in any fabric store for some very interesting doodads to help make your outfits even better.

    Thank you for mentioning my blogs, darling baby girl angel kitten! I'm working on a post about my mother's day as well!

  5. You look so lovely, and that photo of you walking through the garden is just beautiful! I am the same with strapless dresses. I only have one or two in my wardrobe and if I ever do wear them (on a very rare day) I will walk very awkwardly, almost pushing my chest out to keep it in place for fear of it falling down!

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