If I look thicker than normal, it’s because I was wearing a lot of clothes.

On this day we were going to a bonfire and it was supposed to get very cold that night. I wanted to be warm, but I didn’t want to wear the usual jeans and a sweater I always end up wearing every single day of the winter, so I got creative! I am wearing two pairs of thick, knitted tights with leggings over top. And because the sleeves of this dress are open and flow-y, I was able to stuff a long sleeved shirt and my warmest bulky sweater underneath, then I squeezed it all together with this cardigan. I also wore a scarf and I ended up being quite warm the entire evening, even hot at one point! I am pretty excited about my new layering skills.

How do you dress to keep warm in the winter?

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  1. ah this is so cute! i need to work on my layering skills, but as it gets colder, i know that i won''t have much of a problem with that, layering up for warmth of course. also your little shoe/booties are adorable!

  2. hahahah you don't look thicker at all silly girl! But I totally understand that about layering–you tend to lose your shape sometimes, even with those jackets that are belted at the waist and tight sweaters. That's just one of the many woes of winter I suppose. I do love that argyle, though!

  3. I layer too! I even wear leggings under my pants because well I'm always cold. You look really pretty here by the way!! I really love your boots <3

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