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What I Wore in The Mist

Outfit Details
Dress: Target
Coat: Forever 21
Scarf: Target
SweaterForever 21
Leggings: Forever 21
Shoes: Target

I didn’t mean to look so depressed  in these photos, it was raining and 90 percent of these came out blurry and I happen to look sad in the only ones that turned out! Anyway, instead of wearing a cardigan over the dress I decided to put a normal sweater over it and I like the way it turned out. The collar of the dress was peeking out of the sweater which I thought looked cute, but it’s not really showing in any of these picture.  

By the way, the next time you see me I may have completely different hair!  I have come to the sad realization that my hair is damaged beyond repair and the only solution is to chop it all off.  Also, I’ll probably bring it back to blonde before I chop it, which may be this weekend if I’m brave enough. Stay tuned! I’m scared! D;