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What I Wore- Dark Days

The days have been dark and chilly lately, a pretty drastic change from the hot and sunny weather we have had all summer. 

Also I dyed my hair…

I bought the same EXACT shade of bright red as I did before, but for some unknown reason, it turned my hair almost completely black!  You can see the red tint in it when I’m outside, but indoors it definitely looks black.  I actually really like it though. It’s probably been a good five years since my hair has been this dark.

Outfit Details
Shirt: Maui Nix
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Target

To me, nothing says “It’s fall!” like plaid.  Since I am not quite used to being cold yet, I have been bundling myself up in warm pants and boots whenever I go out. It might be time to break out the colorful tights so I can wear dresses again!