I got this shirt years ago at the surf shop I used to work at. (No, there’s not a beach nearby..) It was the first floral patterned thing I owned and I was instantly hooked! Floral pattern everything!
 Depending on how I feel, sometimes I’ll wear my trusty belt with it.

 Outfit Details
Shirt: Maui Nix
Shoes: Target
Belt: Forever 21

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  1. Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!
    You are so gorgeous and your shirt so stunning! Love the print! Also adore your hair today.

    Have a great day,

  2. oh my gosh, the vines on the fence and that big tree are just beautiful! the green shades in nature and your outfit really go great with your hair color.
    i have a few blouses that i've held onto now that i'm not growing so much anymore. it's hard when you're getting taller and older, but i've found that not having to constantly get bigger clothes allows me to hold on to some of my favorite pieces… something i'm really enjoying.

  3. Cute outfit, cupcake! It's amazing to me how much a belt can change an outfit. And it looks good both ways. I like that the floral pattern on your blouse is rather small and calico like. I wonder what was the first article of clothing you bought yourself, ya know with your own money you earned.

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