It was one of those March days, where a cool rain shower turns everything a vibrant green, and the plants begin to spring to life.
The air has a warmth to it, a hint that summer is on it’s way and winter is leaving us behind.

The best part is when the storm clouds clear away, and the setting sun shines through, washing everything in its golden light.

March is one of my favorite months

Outfit Details
Dress: Forever 21
Boots: Amazon

I got this dress at the forever 21 in Washington DC. We got off at a random metro stop and went on a late night shopping spree. I love it when clothes have fun memories attached to them.

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  1. I feel like late night shopping sprees just might be the best 🙂 I like to think about some of the memories some of my pieces have attached to them, too. i have this one shirt I got in Thailand during a night market, and I won it after ruthlessly haggling wwith the vendor haha it's like I became a local that day 😉 And that color looks amazing on you- it brings our your hair beautifully!

    xo marlen
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  2. Cute photos! Love the dress, especially paired with the boots. It looks comfy and wonderful on you. It's nice to think of the memories that are attached to objects. It makes them special. Yay for spring!

  3. agh, i can't believe March is already over. ours was rather cold and then rather hot, but your lovely descriptions sound like how April is in Kansas. Lovely color for you 🙂

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