I love our elephant ear plant. It’s getting so big! 

The wind was blowing in the perfect direction to fluff out my hair this day..

I am really liking this hair cut. I am so glad the orange is finally gone and it’s blonde again, although I am getting the urge to add some fun color to it.. Pink maybe? Or mint green? I really like the idea of mint green hair.. We’ll see!

This is still my favorite blouse, and has been since I got it over a year ago. I think I paid 25 bucks for it which is a lot for me considering I normally get most of my clothes at thrift stores. But I’ve definitely made good use of it. I like the skirt because it’s one of my favorite colors besides mint green. However, unlike mint green, I am not wanting my hair ever this color ever again.
Outfit Details
Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Forever 21
Flip Flops: Charlotte Russe

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  1. Your hair looks really good, did you do it yourself? It looks so even, I always end up missing bits and having a random dark clump somewhere haha. Mint green hair sounds awesome, I've been wanting to dye my hair dark green for some time but am still working up the courage! You could always try hair chalks to try something temporary or switch it up 🙂

  2. Really digging your hair right now. And really loving the idea of mint green. I've seen tumblr girls and indie kinda stuff with colored dip dye hair, which I have always wanted to try. Maybe someday, or something very temporary!

  3. Oh you look so pretty!
    Good posture, too!
    Your garden really look lovely this year, so relaxing & welcoming. All your hard work has paid off!
    Great job on your haircut. You did a fabulous job on it and the style & color suit you very well. Although those colors pink &\or green would be so cool, especially dipped at the ends!

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