I caught the plague this week. 

Not wanting to use my precious time off as sick time, I stuffed myself with cold medicine and attempted to go to work. But after suffering a few embarrassing coughing fits and an instance where my face leaked from multiple regions, I grabbed my work computer and quarantined myself at home, where I traded my coworkers for cats. 
Funny, because I had chosen this week to be “Health Week”. 

I was going to exercise every day. I was going to eat really healthy.  But instead I had the plague and spent each night laying on the couch binge watching a funny TV show and stuffing myself with who knows what kind of food. 

In other news, My hydrangea is blooming. And my best friend and I are planning another trip to New York City, which fits in perfectly with my habit of getting sick every time I’m about to fly somewhere. 🙂 

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