At first I liked all the rain.  So much time had passed since the last stormy day. 

 But after three weeks of that, I began to get bored.

The backyard is still covered in the leaves we never bothered to rake in the fall. 

 I can see my plants coming up, flowers starting to bloom.  But I can’t very well rake the leaves because they haven’t been able to dry out with all the rain.

In other news, this past week at work was probably the most irritating week I’ve ever had at this place. The plan for an important project kept getting changed multiple times a day, which meant I had to keep revising the protocol and changing everything I had prepared.

But, the sun has finally appeared, I think the project is nearly figured out, and by the end of next week I’ll be in the desert. 

 Hopefully I can get rid of the rest of those leaves before the rain comes back!

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