We like to have potlucks every few months where I work. One occurred last week and I baked some really spooky Halloween cookies. It was a great day of eating everyone’s delicious food.

A simple sandwich I used to make by myself when I was little, was turkey slices, some lettuce and mayonnaise on lightly toasted white bread. When I got older and would make it, the flavor always brought back memories. 

Since I stopped eating meat many years ago, I assumed I would never eat that sandwich ever again. Well, then I discovered veggie Turkey slices so I recreated it, and it tasted just like I remember! I instantly had a flashback of the good ole’ days spent doing nothing but running around outside without a care in the world. 

The downtown library was torn down a few years ago to be rebuilt. It was finally finished a few weeks ago and is looking pretty slick. I can’t wait to spent a cozy afternoon there very soon.

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