Chester says goodbye to one of his favorite places to hang out, as this sink, and the rest of the bathroom, are about to be demolished completely. The process is supposed to take two weeks to complete.  And hopefully Chester likes the new sink just fine.

I moved to a new, and slightly larger desk at work, and gained a few more windows. I also finally obtained a second monitor, making my transition to a senior position complete. There had been quite a few depressed days at work recently, but luckily by the end of last week I was feeling a lot better. Hopefully it continues!

The fish tank is slowly filling up. I added some of my favorite fish, cory catfish, but they were apparently sick from the pet store because a lot of them didn’t make it.. Coming home from work three days in a row to find another cute fish dead didn’t do anything to help my sadness. But all the remaining fish seem healthy, now just to find them some friends to replace the ones now resting in my flower garden.

Well, the bathroom is getting destroyed this week. We have another bathroom, but that’s currently the one the cats use, and we have never used it before so that will be interesting.  It also doesn’t have a shower.  Luckily my mom lives just up the road!

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  1. Ooh, that picture of Chester is brilliant! He fits that sink beautifully. How come you are getting a new bathroom- it looks really nice!
    Sorry to hear you have had some sad days at work- hope it isn’t too difficult, though well done on the senior position. I’ve had a blissful week off work and I am now incredibly sad to be returning to school-ahgh!! Sitting here typing this comment as a distraction from the pile of stuff I should have done (I did actually do a lot of work but there was still more…)
    Your fishtank is really pretty. How sad about the cat fish. I had a situation like that when I lived in Bali. I bought three goldfish which I called Kassie, Hans and Carly (based on the Indonesian phrase, ‘Kasihan sekali’ which means “What a pity,” and implying sympathy which is what I felt for the fish that were sold in bags at the end of my street.). They each died one by one over a week and I cried my heart out over them.
    Hope you have a less sad week this week!

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