February is my least favorite month.. But at least it contains my birthday to make it a little more interesting!

My Birthday began at work with this colorful cake, then a lunch out, and later, a trip to a vegetarian restaurant and a cat cafe.

Crooked Tail Cat Cafe, just opened a few months ago in Greensboro, NC and is the first Cat Cafe in the state! It was a lot of fun hanging out with all the cats. I am hoping one opens up in my city soon. In fact, I’d love to open that cat cafe.. What a dream. 

After the cat cafe we discovered a place called Elsewhere, a former thrift shop turned museum.. It was kind of a creepy place, I definitely want to return.

The weather has been quite warm, but very rainy. I started picking up some leaves around the yard to the other day and discovered this lizard!  But the poor guy was missing a tail!

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