Things were weird for a bit, but I think it’s getting back to normal now.

The first event that set things all out of wack was acquiring the plague for two weeks.  Once that was nearly gone, I was randomly contacted about a job in NYC that set my brain on a spiral out of control. It was coincidentally right before my friend and I took a trip to NYC where the city defeated us and I was exhausted for a week afterward. Then my feet where in pain for what felt like an eternity so I just sat around waiting for them to heal. I’m blaming that on wandering around NYC for days. There was also some crazy stuff happening at work that added to the mix of weirdness.

Finally, with all that weirdness in the past, I think life is feeling normal again.. I have to work a lot this weekend so I took Friday off and cleaned the house like crazy, along with my little vacuum robot. I also switched this blog back to WordPress since it seemed to be dying a slow death over on blogger. The reason I left WordPress in the first place is because I couldn’t figure out how to redirect from my old blog to this one, but now that I have that figured out I am pretty happy with WordPress right now.

I’m glad to finally be getting back to normal!

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    1. Thanks! It’s a blog hosting site like blogger, but I find it more user friendly and just all around better. At least this second time around, haha!

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