After many months of holiday craziness,  nonstop activities since autumn first began, life has begun to finally return to its normal state. 

I took five days off for Christmas. In the beginning I was very excited, but after five days of nonstop Christmas events, I could not wait to go back to work and have a normal routine again.

I took New Years Day off  and with the help of my new robot vacuum, I spent the entire three day weekend cleaning and removing clutter from the house. That was also an overwhelming few days, but I’ve been meaning to do it for ages so I’m glad to have finally started. 

This weekend has also involved more cleaning. (The more I clean, the more messes I seem to find!)  One of my goals this year is to breathe again. I’m allergic to dust, mold and cat hair, so with my little robot vacuum, and the new upholstery tool I got for my standing vacuum, I am hoping to keep the house cleaner than ever. So far it’s been going well!

I do love the holidays but this year really took it out of me! I’m looking forward to these slow winter months ahead. And having the cleanest house ever!

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