This week didn’t start off any better than the painfully tedious week before. By Tuesday morning I was feeling pretty over everything. However, things took a nice turn mid week when I got the news that I was promoted to the senior position at work I have been hoping to get for a while!  Things continued to get even better when I got prescribed Zoloft at my doctor appointment. That night I slept better than I ever had, and for the first time ever woke up with so much energy. At 6:30 AM! I am already feeling a lot better and less anxious, hopefully this continues.

Another exciting work event was a surprise hurricane which caused all our windows too leak. It started with one leak, and then more and more kept appearing, sometimes streams of water would pour right in! Everyone kept stopping by to see our new water features. It was a ridiculous time.

Saturday was spent running around to stores with my mom and sister getting ready for Halloween. I decided on a rather last minute costume idea, that involves digging out my sewing machine again, so that will be keeping me busy.

I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead. The heat wave of 80-90 degree weather has finally left, and has been replaced with more appropriate 60 degree weather.


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