This week ended up being pretty okay. I dreaded going back to work after the beach trip; the past few weeks had been so discouraging I felt like I couldn’t face it. But surprisingly enough things actually went well this week at work and I am hoping that continues!

I met a friend at a local pub for the first pumpkin beer of the year and it was wonderful!

While walking past a little shop in our neighborhood that recently fenced in their yard and filled it with junk cool items for sale, we noticed their latest addition. Goats. Two of them.  I find it particularly hilarious because one doesn’t expect to see goats in somebody’s furniture filled front yard in the middle of the city.

I got way over-excited when I saw these bulbs at Walmart. I can’t wait to see them bloom next spring!

The cows were out when we drove past on our way to go biking, so we pulled over and said hi to them for a couple minutes. Another case of farm animals in the middle of the city!

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  1. First pumpkin beer of the fall season sounds way more hip than the pumpkin spice coffee! Ive got to get my hands on some brews, too. Glad work is going better & surprise animal sightings are fun.

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