This past week at work was not a very encouraging one. But, I knew what I was getting into coming back to this place, so I won’t complain!

We finally got some rain at the end of the week. It’s fun to water my garden, but it does get a bit tedious, having to do it day after day in the sticky heat. I’m glad to have some help from the clouds.
We went out to eat for my best friends birthday. I didn’t take any pictures, like a dummy, but I did manage to snap one of the new art park downtown.
One of my coworkers drew a chemical on the whiteboard in the lab, then somebody else drew a flower so I thought I would add to it and draw a cat! But the very next day somebody had erased just the cat and the flower, so I redrew them. But with frowns because they didn’t appreciate being erased. We’ll see if they’re still there on Monday!
Saturday was the five year anniversary of our first date, so we went to an Asian buffet and I ate a ridiculous amount of sushi. I regret nothing.

I will not be focused on work this week, or anything for that matter because next Sunday… BEACH.

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  1. Mmm sushi my favorite! I don't mind watering the garden, I tend to do it in the morning – keeps me cooler that way, that and less bugs to eat me alive.

  2. There's always a party pooper in the lab! We have a few here, the ruin everything. We have a board where we write the things we are “almost out of” (as the board says, instead of “to order”), I am so so tempted to write “sanity” half the time 🙂 But no one finds anything funny here.

  3. The whiteboard at your work story was an interesting insight. Did you ever figure out who the erasing culprit was? Your pudgy kitty drawings are adorable and i wish I'd saved a few over the years. I can definitely relate to the tediousness of the chore of watering garden. And when it does deign to rain and I find I have an extra hour of free time to do whatever I choose, why do i find myself missing that communing with nature time?

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