The road I take to work is now under construction so I have been forced to take an alternate route. They are putting in a traffic circle but it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense in this location. My drive to work will never be the same again. 
There was a mandatory training class for work located at the main hospital. It was horrendously boring, but my coworkers and I had a bast running around and exploring the massive maze of buildings after the class. Above is a picture of a secret part of the library. Six small stories of cramped bookshelves and hidden desks.  
We finally started fixing up the back room of our house. Currently where the cats sleep at night, and soon to be the new laundry room/office! 

A few days ago was my six month anniversary at my new job, although now it is starting to feel like I have always been there.  This is the longest I have been at a job without being unhappy and having thoughts of leaving. When I first interviewed I had my doubts that it was right for me, but now I see that it is the perfect fit.  The crazy place I spent four years at is finally becoming a distant memory. 

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