This last week involved plans to unpack everything from the beach trip, but I ended up being too tired each day and watched helplessly as the house grew messier and messier until eventually, the mess began to cover our still packed suitcases.. Hiding the evidence of my lack of unpacking…. 

I finally got enough energy on Saturday and have been cleaning and organizing ever since. 

Now my goal is to turn my hoard of beach photos into blog posts, and catch up on my blog reading.

A few evenings last week I avoided the mess by running away someplace for a walk. 
A Saturday morning trip to one of my favorite antique stores. 
I think this is the first BLT I ever ate. We decided to try vegetarian bacon, and it was actually pretty good. It wasn’t meaty or greasy at all which is what I hated about normal bacon before. 

It’s a three day holiday weekend for me, and I am hoping to finish all my cleaning goals and work on some blog stuff. Let’s see if that happens!

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