This past work week was mildly irritating, mainly due to the fact that my microbes were being little buttheads and wouldn’t grow properly.

 Finally on Friday they got their act together and I was able to put them into the 200 individually labeled little tubes that I slaved over most of the day on Tuesday -_-

We got to ride our bikes a few times this week and it was so much fun and I have no idea how we got out of the habit. Did eight miles yesterday!

Improving my pizza baking skills… I think I may have perfected my thin, crispy, whole wheat crust!

Two more cameras were added to my collection this week, which gave me a boost to get back to taking more film photos. (And finally getting them developed!) So that’s what I hope to be up to this next week.

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  1. Ah summer bike rides… There's nothing like them. Why do we even stop? And here's to good food and more cameras, the hope of better things to come!

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