Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal #48

My Bonsai sticks are growing along. Well, except those two guys on the left, not too sure about them..
My mom’s three cats gathered in the same area, a rare sighting!
We checked out a new garden store in town and they had so cool plants for a great price. We got this flat for only 12 dollars!

My friend Alex has been begging me to make a snapchat account so  I finally did it. (Hi Alex!!) I have no idea how to use it so it might be amusing to follow me while I attempt to post stuff. (Since I can’t seem to figure out how to add people yet) 

Summer seems to have arrived this week. It was in the mid 80s which was quite a shock since it was so cold recently. But I am looking forward to these long days and lots of outside activities. 

How was your week?