Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal #46

On Tuesday I went with come coworkers after work to see a movie, and then share appetizers under umbrellas and string lights. I love working downtown and being able to walk to all kinds of neat places.ย 

I began writing my first standard operating procedure at work. It involved a few extra cups of coffee, because writing about pH meter operation is not actually as exciting as it may sound. But later in the week I got to see a placenta get cut up in hopes of isolating stem cells, so that that made up for the less exciting bits at work.

A freak hailstorm hit on Thursday, and I am also convinced that a mini tornado briefly appeared behind our house. A bunch of trees fell over and our yard is covered in debris.ย 

Oh and I also added some Lavender coloring to my hair on a whim.

Between the crazy storm, seeing a placenta, and getting lavender hair, it ended up being a more exciting week than I expected. How was your week?