Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal #43

All blogging attempts last week ended with me staring at the computer screen too tired to do anything. Hopefully I will feel less tired this week. I have 100s of Washington DC photos to edit!

Over the past few weeks I have found myself obsessed with yogurt and bananas. The main reason behind the banana obsession is how cheap they are?! I’d never paid attention to the price of a banana before; I would have guessed that one banana cost close to a dollar. Well one day I finally looked at my receipt and saw that I got five whole bananas for just a dollar!  Wow!! Somehow that made them taste better and I can’t stop eating them.

I don’t know what fueled my yogurt obsession, but I have been buying up all different flavors and eating it many times a day.

(I even got a banana flavored yogurt! I didn’t like it…)
Not a week goes by at work where there isn’t some sort of treat brought in. This was a delicious strawberry lemonade cupcake I ate this week.
Our garden hoard from Lowe’s. We went a bit nuts this weekend!