All blogging attempts last week ended with me staring at the computer screen too tired to do anything. Hopefully I will feel less tired this week. I have 100s of Washington DC photos to edit!

Over the past few weeks I have found myself obsessed with yogurt and bananas. The main reason behind the banana obsession is how cheap they are?! I’d never paid attention to the price of a banana before; I would have guessed that one banana cost close to a dollar. Well one day I finally looked at my receipt and saw that I got five whole bananas for just a dollar!  Wow!! Somehow that made them taste better and I can’t stop eating them.

I don’t know what fueled my yogurt obsession, but I have been buying up all different flavors and eating it many times a day.

(I even got a banana flavored yogurt! I didn’t like it…)
Not a week goes by at work where there isn’t some sort of treat brought in. This was a delicious strawberry lemonade cupcake I ate this week.
Our garden hoard from Lowe’s. We went a bit nuts this weekend!

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  1. i've been eating a lot of yogurt lately, too!! i'ts so sweet and tasty, almost like ice cream, perfect for warm spring days!! can't wait for the DC photos!

  2. If you're a fan of them, raw or lightly salted almonds, go splendidly with yogurt and bananas. That's been a go-to meal of mine for years now.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica]

  3. I love how cheap bananas are, and they are filling too so even better value for money! You'll have to share some more photos of your garden sometime, I'm curious to see where all these flowers are going!

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. It's a bummer when your just too tired & worn out to function. Glad your eating right. Every time i crack open one of those yummy little coconut greek yogurts from aldi I think of you!

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