The view from the break room at work. 
 Looks like a nice warm spring day right? WRONG. Some sort of arctic blast has been blowing our way and it has been terribly cold all week.

Plants have invaded the kitchen in an attempt to stay alive through this icy time.
We went out for Mexican food with my mom and sister to celebrate the end of the week and the beginning of our vacation. (Look at those colorful chips!!  I was so excited by those. So much fiesta..)

Also I have cut my hair again to get rid of more of the damaged frazzled ends. I think the only way to really get rid of all the damage in my hair would be to shave my head. But this will do for now.

It was a slow week at work. I have been reading SOP documents every day for the first part of my training and I finally finished them all on Friday. I can’t wait to start actually doing things in the lab!

As this post publishes we will be on a train, traveling to Washington DC! I am overexcited because I have never been on a train before, and I love trains. I am sure I will be heavily documenting our adventure in Instagram so follow along if you’d like!

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  1. awww poor plants! hope the weather betters soon so they can live soaking up in the sun again! yeay to exciting adventures 😀 reading about people's excitement for their adventures get me excited too. and melancholy for missing holiday as well. hahaha take care!

  2. My hair is in the same boat as yours, but I refuse to have short hair! It has gotten so long since my pixie cut days, and I'm just conditioning the heck out of it until the damaged bits eventually get cut off with each trim.

    And omg plants! I hope they're okay!

  3. Aw, I just saw a picture of a vegan burrito on instagram and now I see you eating mexican food and now I am soooo hungry for a burrito! Looks great anyway 😉
    Sending much love!

  4. Gah so over cold weather but glad it was sunny & looked beautiful outside. That sure was a fun dinner out.
    Your giant beer was impressive & tasty!
    Ps your haircut is super cute & suits you

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