Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal #4

A slow week at work, which unfortunately meant I sat at my desk a lot, which unfortunately meant my back and shoulders got really sore. Apparently I have to sit up straight 100 % of the time to avoid a sore back, and even then it’s iffy. This week I suspect, will consist of me keeping myself busy by making up random things to do around the lab to avoid sitting down. 

Most of my free time this week was spent hanging out with the plants, pruning my bonsais and fertilizing. I also got back into making resins and ended up with a whole bunch of new ones that will hopefully make it into my shop before long.

I accidentally grew a fungus in my water bath at work.  I moved him to a petri dish for my own amusement.
I really wanted to ride my bike last week, but then I had to go and get all sore. Maybe it will happen this week!