Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal #35

Last week started off with some surprise snow on Valentine’s day night. We were out eating pizza at our new favorite place and it started coming down really fast and had completely covered the ground within half an hour. So we raced home before we got stuck all night in a pizza place. Although that would have made for an interesting story.. 

The snow turned to ice in the middle of the night so my boss told everyone to stay home from work the next day. I had already planned on taking Thursday off so I only ended up working two days this week!

We started our fun long weekend with a waffle house breakfast before doing some thrift shopping. Then it was back home to work on getting all the leaves and debris out of the garden to make room for all the spring plants.

I finally got to use my new bike on Friday! I’m glad the weather is warming up and the days are getting longer so I can start biking more.

My seedlings enjoyed getting some actual sunlight this weekend. I am so excited to get my vegetable garden started!

What did everyone else do last week?