Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal #34

The beginning of this week was spent studying for an interview, and during those days it kind of felt like I dropped off the face of the earth. I had forgotten how time consuming it is to study for something. The interview went well and I’m glad to be back to normal life! 

A polar vortex has descended upon us this week. The temperatures have been staying below freezing, despite it being sunny and cloudless. It’s very deceiving! 

Monday was my birthday and my coworkers took me to get coffee and treats. I love working within walking distance of my favorite coffee shop.

We found a place that has so many vegetarian sushi options! 
(And also deep fried veggies..)
I went and got my eyes checked this week. I had been dealing with bad vision for a long time, because when I went for my checkup last year I was dumb and got it in my head that I needed to try as hard as I could to read all the lines of text, even if that meant squinting my eyes like crazy. 

For months after that I couldn’t figure out why they said my prescription hadn’t changed when I obviously had trouble seeing. Then I finally realized my mistake.. This time I did the test properly and sure enough, I was pretty blind! I  am going to try ordering glasses online this time, I hope I choose a good pair!
Since I have been stuck inside because of this cold weather, I have been trying to map my entire Minecraft world. Which mainly consists of me sailing around in a boat for hours and wondering why I find that to be so much fun.

My Mom has gotten back into blogging, check it out here! She always has plenty of photos of cute vintage items and thrift store finds.
It is supposed to warm up this week which I am looking forward to! I haven’t even been able to ride my new bike yet.

Did every body have a good week?