Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal #31

It snowed three different times this week!  The first two didn’t stick around too long, but on Friday we got hit with the “blizzard”. It was mainly just ice so that was really disappointing. But we got about 4-5 inches of it so it still looks pretty. 

At work I usually prepare 20 of these plates each day. On Wednesday I did 40, then on Thursday my boss suggested I do 60 and I agreed. Big mistake! I got so sore I thought for sure my arms would fall off before the day was over. I am still recovering from it.

The snowy view from work. I just love watching snow fall.

We found our new favorite dinner!  Home made mini square pizzas. They’re so good and pretty easy to make!

I loved all the snow we got this week, it was definitely the highlight! I wonder if next week will bring any more..