Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal #3

A three day work-week and then a four day weekend, definitely makes up for my one day weekend last week.
 My first day off was spent cleaning and organizing. I moved all the storage boxes from the hall closet up to the attic, so now for the first time ever, we can use that closet. Why it took three years for me to realize that stuff can be stored in the attic, I’ll never know.

It was unusual that no rabbits had visited our yard yet this year, then I finally spotted one. Her name is Basil.

One day at work was dedicated to making many, many petri dishes. Then making some more the next day when I miscounted and didn’t have enough.

One morning during the long weekend we walked to our local grocery store/cafe and got breakfast, plus stocked up on milk. 

Still managing to win the war against squash borers, and saw this cute guy on one of my squash vines.

My yummy veggie dog on our July Fourth cookout.

I really like having long weekends.