Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal #28

I only worked Monday and Tuesday again this week, so it was another nice little vacation.

It’s time to be healthy! Banana and grape nuts cereal for breakfast.
One of my friends threw a new years eve party and all the food was vegan!  I baked my chocolate orange brownies and left out the butter, it was delicious! 
Christmas lights were on sale at lowes for 75 % off, so we stocked up for next year. I can’t wait!
I used most of the lights for my seed sprouting area. Hopefully I have enough of them now to really make them grow!

And this little gal has been hanging out in my mom’s house most days. She still sneaks down every now and then to sit in our windows and drive Jeeves crazy though.

Well, all the holidays are over and it’s back to reality!  Lets see how well I function through my first full workweek since before Christmas.