Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal #27

Whew, the crazy Christmas week is over! I only worked on Monday and Tuesday so it was a pretty good vacation.ย 

It has still been ridiculously warm here; over 70 degrees some days! ย That means a lot of fog, most days you couldn’t even see the tops of the buildings downtown. I took this photo on Tuesday when Steven and I walked to get lunch at Subway. It’s so fun that we’re both working downtown now.

I baked some Christmas eve baguettes. My third attempt. I think I am getting better!
I got some cute stuff for Christmas including a cat apron, cat socks, film, and minecraft buddies.
Since it has been so dang warm, I have been playing around in the garden and I dug up two new bonsais. I am excited to trim them up in a few months.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas week! ย I love Christmas but I am looking forward to everything getting back to normal, and to get all this Christmas junk food eaten up so I can start being healthy again.