Last week was a blast! I loved only working two days and I wish I only had to work two days a week every week. But sadly, I need more dollars than that.

My little buddy has still been hanging around, and helped me get the garden ready for winter the other day! We’ve been calling her Maude.

I stocked up on all kinds of Christmas food while shopping this week!

We had a great Thanksgiving and ate way too much, of course.

On the day after thanksgiving we always go with my mom and pick out her tree. It’s so much fun!
Then we pile on 100s of pretty vintage ornaments while drinking eggnog and watching Christmas movies,

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  1. We just picked up our tree last night 😀 So exciting! It's always fun to go through all the ornaments each year… somehow I always forget what we have.

  2. Nice pics of your short work week with plenty of holiday fun. I love it when we get to do stuff together! Picking out a tree & decorating it with all the family gems & vintage heirlooms is one of the best highlights of the season. So many favorites, I love them all!
    Xo♡ mom

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