The cats got fleas!! Which is ridiculous because 1) none of them have been outside in months, 2) it’s been really cold lately, why are fleas still living?!!

So I put flea medicine on all the cats, (Cloud thought I was trying to kill her!) washed every single piece of fabric in the house, and sprayed all the carpets. Whew, hopefully we avoided an infestation.
The most exciting thing to happen, was this little visitor! She was wandering around and seemed hungry so I gave her some food and played with her for a bit. She came back around the same time yesterday so I am wondering if I will see her again today. I am beginning to think she doesn’t have a home, so who knows what I just got myself into…. -_- Β Jeeves in is love with her and tried to chew through the glass door to get to her!
We had been craving Five Guys veggie sandwiches for a while now, they’re just so darn good! The fries too!
We took a trip to the mall where I learned that Cloud was a mascot! I seriously need to own something with that logo on it.. Steven joked that I should ask to have that poster when they are done displaying it so we can hang it in the cat’s bedroom. I told him not to tempt me..

I am looking forward to this week. It’s Thanksgiving week and I only have to work on Monday and Tuesday, which is so much better than last year when I had to work the entire week, even on Thanksgiving!

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  1. Exciting week you've had, things are looking up. I'm thinking fleas will surely be gone with the cold snap this week. Nice photos, love that new kitty, the food made me drool & I need to see the those cute mall decorations!

  2. I remember when I was a kid and we had cats they had fleas all the time. But we were living on the countryside so it was much more difficult to get rid of them for real… I am crossing my fingers for you that they will all die πŸ˜‰
    Thanks a lot for your last comment and have a great start in the new week dear : )

  3. Oooh I like the new layout!

    Argh, flees are the worst! I hope you managed to get rid of them! Maybe the flies could have come from the visitor cat? She does look like a cutie though πŸ™‚

    Enjoy the short working week! I hope you have some nice plans for the holidays.

  4. It has to be freezing outside for the fleas to die and once inside they won't die unless they don't have a carrier. Call Stark Exterminators at (336) 723-1100, it's safer than putting chemicals on your cats and more effective.

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