Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal #21

Last week started out with a trip to the doctor for my yearly checkup. Everything went great until  it was time for my blood draw. I have a strange phobia of anything to do with veins and last time my blood got drawn I almost passed out. This time was no exception, and I came even closer to passing out than before 🙁 I had to sit down for almost 20 minutes waiting for it to pass, and then when I got up to check out I nearly passed out again! My vision started getting fuzzy, but I just wanted to get out of there so I powered through and by the time I was done scheduling my next appointment I could barely see! But once I got out into the cold air I felt better.  What an annoying irrational fear.

My arm hurt really bad where I got stabbed, and then my other arm was sore from a vaccine. I got a chocolate cheesecake milkshake afterward to help myself cope with the trauma.
Later in the week we checked out our local used bookstore, and hit the science book jackpot! Richard Dawkins is my favorite and I am hoping to complete my collection of his books. Also I hadn’t read anything by Bill Nye before so I am excited to get started on that. I need to start setting aside more time to read! 
And then on Saturday it was time to put up the Christmas tree! The cats donned their brand new Christmas sweaters and really got in the spirit! (Yeah, right!)