This past week we both took off of work to have fun before we start our new jobs. It had rained for the entire week before so we were looking forward to everything drying out, and doing some fun outdoor activities. And then…. A hurricane decided to come to town… So we got another week’s worth of rain.. The first four rainy days I actually enjoyed, since we went through the entire summer with hardly a drop. But after that, it was just annoying.

Okay, enough talk about the rain.

One day I braved the rain to plant more bulbs. It’s actually kind of fun to be out in the rain.
After signing the paperwork for our new jobs, we got some tarts from whole foods. And the birthday Cloud felt entitled to a bite…
There was a break in the rain for a couple hours one day, so we decided to break up the ugly concrete path in the backyard!  However, we weren’t able to finish it before the hurricane so now we have about a third of a path and the rest is a nasty red clay river 🙂
We took a trip up to the blue ridge and ended up in the middle of a storm cloud! It was great. 
And I decorated our front porch.

Despite the rain it was still a fun week! 

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  1. Oh sorry to read that you had so much rain! I am actually looking forward to some rain and some days spend inside on the couch… but that will not happen soon since we will for vacation on Wednesday 😉 Good that you enjoyed your week even though the weather was not completly what you planned 😉
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    Thank you soooo much : )

  2. That was a lot of rain. Glad you still managed to do some fun stuff on your week off. Gardeners love the rain, it makes the earth was easy to dig. Cute porch decorations, especially love the kitties peeking.

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