Good news this week: I got a new job! It’s a biology research position and it sounds really exciting. I start next Monday which is the same day Steven starts his new job. We’ll be working across the street from each other and for once, both be working in the city we actually live in. What a fun time. 

This week started off with an anniversary mountain hike!

And then an anniversary veggie Five Guys sandwich and an ice cream buffet.

I saw this cat on a walk and I hugged him and it was a great day and then I dreamed about cats that night.
I crashed Steven’s going away party at work because I couldn’t pass up the enormous pizzas he ordered! Plus, it was fun to see everybody again. (Goodbye Solstas!!!)

Added two more land cameras to my camera family. While standing in line for the second one, the guy helping out at the counter slipped it into this glorious two wolf bag and gave us a wink, not saying a word. It was a day to remember. 

We both took this week off, in anticipation of our new jobs. This week is going to be stupid fun.

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  1. Congratulations on the new jobs! I'm so happy for you both!! You all have had a very good couple of weeks. I love that you have documented all the highlights &
    Kitty cat dreams are the best!

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