Weekly Journal

Weekly Journal #12

My second week on strike from work. But the paychecks have finally come so it’s back to work tomorrow!  I did love staying home all day these past two weeks working on my blog, resin-ing and hanging out with the cats, but, I am happy to go back to attempting to make some money.

The pumpkin madness continues…
I found the reason behind my tomato plants being demolished in nearly a day! I set these guys on the ivy covered fence that we hate. Lets see if they like ivy as much as they like tomato….
I hated bananas most of my life, but I’ve grown to sort of like them in the past year. Recently it dawned on me that I could now eat a banana split. So here it is! My very first banana split!
My vegetable garden gave me a lot of peppers, so I picked some banana peppers and then made some sweet spicy chili sauce with my hot peppers. I hope they taste alright!  I’ve never made anything like these before.
On Tuesday I woke up to a rash. A rash that grew and grew, eventually into the bleeding, oozing, itching monstrosity it is today. I knew it must have been from some poison plant. But how? I’ve barely been outside! Finally I found the evil culprit lurking in my vegetable garden, poison oak! I must have brushed up against it when I went to pull my squash vine out.. It’s definitely the worst case I’ve ever had.