The purpose of the Michigan trip last year was to visit family members. Live and Dead.

My entire family on both sides is from Detroit Michigan. Almost all of them came straight to Detroit when they entered the country, and never left. There are so many of my relatives and ancestors that I never got to meet, so I at least wanted to visit their final resting place. Since I live so far away from my home land, I’ve never really gotten to visit the grave sites of my relatives.

A strange coincidence is that after I chose what hotel to stay in, I realized it was right in between the two main cemeteries which both sides of my family are buried in..  In fact, both cemeteries were in walking distance of the hotel!

The first cemetery we visited was in Southfield.  A very small plot of land with an entrance that you might almost miss. Except for the sign, which among other things mentions a distant cousin of mine who was a test pilot that died in a plane crash over the ocean.

Me and my sisters with our great great great grandparents from England.

I found out I had a great aunt with the same name.  I wonder what she was like.

Halloween has always been a theme on this side of the family. A great grandmother was born on Halloween and that was her middle name. Her daughter, my grandmother got married on Halloween.  And my Dad’s favorite holiday was definitely Halloween.

I’ve always liked exploring cemeteries, but it was definitely special exploring a cemetery that was home to some of my relatives.

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  1. Oh how lovely to see the resting places of those relatives. I wouldn’t have a clue where my ancestors rest- my Mum’s family were a family called the Booths- I would love to find out more- my Mum has done our family tree.
    Your hotel was aptly chosen. I am surprised you had a pilot ancestor- that is very cool!

    1. I learned a lot about my relatives using, It’s so interesting !! I traced some back to the 1400s in a small cemetery in England! Maybe I’ll get to visit those relatives too someday 😀

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