All my vegetables are planted and growing fast! 

I made those bamboo trellises myself, I’ll post a little tutorial on how to do it soon!

I was shocked to see how huge the beans were when they sprouted!

My cabbages are looking big, but I have no idea when they are ready to eat. The middle leaves aren’t clustered together like you would see on a store bought one, so I don’t know if that will happen eventually or if these ones are different and I could be eating them right now! :0

My cucumbers have bloomed!

 I can’t wait to make some fried green tomato sandwiches!

 And this here is my prized luffa sprout! If you remember from here, I blogged about growing your own luffas. I ordered these seeds online because I couldn’t find any in stores and it took months for them to get here, I thought for sure they got lost in the mail!  I planted a few seeds when the weather finally warmed up, and of course we had a suprise frost a few days later which killed them all. I planted some more, but after a few weeks I still wasn’t seeing any. 🙁  So I frantically tried to germinate my last three inside a paper towel in a plastic bag and only ONE of them sprouted! I watch it like crazy and go out and check on him as often as I can. (Is crazy vegetable lady a thing??)
And this little guy is Cosmo! He lives in the wood pile behind the shed and he’s usually just hanging out in the yard munching clover whenever I go outside. I have been spraying rabbit repellent on my veggies and so far he hasn’t really bothered them. Although I think  I missed an eggplant and a pepper plant while spraying and sure enough, he ate the whole darn thing. -_- I was going to staple rabbit wire to the fence to keep the rabbits out, but Steven said that would be too ugly and convinced me to buy the repellent instead. If that bunny eats my luffa sprout I’m gonna be maaad. At both of them! Hehe.

I’m just so excited about my vegetable garden!  It’s exactly what my dream garden was when I wrote this post. It was my second ever blog post and I remember as I wrote it on that cold January day I was so excited I could hardly contain myself!

Here is my post from when we first started digging and here is one from where we built the fence!

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  1. BUNNY! And happy vegetables, yessss 🙂 Seriously, vicariously watching your garden grow is awesome. I want some fried green tomato sandwiches too!

  2. ah. such beautiful photos! i can't believe how much things have grown. lookin good!
    love the little detail shots of blooms and buds and the little fiddle head!

  3. Looking good! I love the trellises, my parents have those all over their allotment, they grow sweetpeas between and around the beans too – they always smell so amazing!

  4. You've certainly captured some terrific shots of the veg plants in your garden, especially the macro. I Love the light on the tomato plant and that shot of the cucumber tendril is beguiling!
    Your garden is looking very nice and I'm so pleased that it turned out so good. The repellent is a good idea to keep the critters away. You could always hide the rabbit wire with plants but the birds pecking at your tomatoes is very frustrating!
    I just recently realized I have no cucumber plants and I can't find any of my seeds I bought! Did I give them all to you?

  5. Your vegetable garden is looking so fantastic! You both must be very proud and very excited to see everything growing so well. I hope that little rabbit doesn't get into anything else. Fingers crossed for the luffa sprout!

  6. Your garden is so lovely!
    Your attempts to repel the bunny from eating your plants reminded me of the time that a moose ate our carved pumpkin that was on our front porch.

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