I thought Arizona would be flat, and mostly brown.

I was wrong.

We woke up early to begin the long drive to Tucson from Holbrook. I wasn’t really looking forward to it because I thought the landscape wouldn’t be very interesting.

Around an hour into the drive is when we learned that Arizona has mountains. Really tall mountains.

The mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway seemed like little hills in comparison.

We drove up and down these huge mountains.  Through the snowstorm at the top, then back down to calmer weather and then back up again into the snow.

It definitely was not the boring drive I was afraid of.

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  1. I love Arizona! We may end up moving there in our distant future. I think the landscape just east of the Holbrook area is a little lacking but once you hit the Flagstaff area it brightens up and draws you in. Your photos are wonderful, too. We hit sunny bright days when we last traveled through, but I’m liking the gray skies.

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