Last year while shopping for flower seeds I came across some cactus seeds! I had never even though about cacti growing from seed before, it seemed so strange and I couldn’t wait to get home and plant them so I could see what baby cactus sprouts looked like. 

Four weeks later I still didn’t see anything and I was so disappointed. But then a few days later I finally saw one! I was so excited I screamed!    Soon enough a whole bunch of them began to pop up over the next few weeks.

 Here are some pictures of last years batch. They look like perfect mini cacti <3

 This one is my favorite. It has the perfect cactus shape!
This one is the scariest! Ouch!

Here are this years seedlings at different stages, they’re so tiny it’s hard to get good pictures of them. 

The bigger one has it’s first spikes and the smaller ones are just starting to form theirs. It’s the small white dot in the center.
 The one to the left is interesting. I haven’t seen that kind of sprout yet.
This one is my favorite sprout so far, I love the three little points! I’ve seen a few that start off with two points before but this is the first one I have seen with three. 

 One still has the seed attached!!

I can’t wait to see what type of cactus each sprout turns into. Last year I didn’t keep track of what sprout turns into what type of cactus, but this year I will pay more attention. I could probably find that out online, but I like waiting and being surprised!

I think planting cactus seeds will be a yearly tradition for me. Once I get way more than I can handle I’ll start giving them away as gifts, or who knows, maybe go into business!

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  1. I have to admit I didn't think cactus seeds would work but you must have 2 green thumbs cuz these are pretty adorable, Love the photos. They are so tiny but so spiky and magnificent!

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