One day we were out running errands and suddenly we got the disire to check out our favorite thrift store. It was a lucky decision because everything was on super

I found these two lovely plaid skirts in just my size.
The purple and black one was $2.00 and the brown and red one was $3.99. I don’t really own anything in that color so I am exited to find a way to style it.

I had been hoping to stumble upon a plaid dress for sometime.. Finally I did and it was only $3.99!

I couldn’t pass this one up for just a $1.25!

I already owned this dress, but I only got to wear it a few times before it got a big fat stain on it which I was very sad about. I couldn’t believe I found the same exact dress in my size, stain free for $2.79!

So in total I spent 14.97 on all these clothes. Not bad considering each of these probably cost at least $20 original priced.  

Since I started shopping at thrift stores it has been really hard to justify buying anything at regular price. I much prefer the thrift store atmosphere to crowded mall department stores anyway. There is such an excitement about thrift stores; never knowing what you’ll find. I am always on the lookout for vintage items, but those are so hard to find! 

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