It had been a while since we checked out some of out local antique shops. On his trip we ended up finding something at each place!

The first place we stopped, I had been dreaming about visiting for months. This guy has an awesome collection of vintage cameras, including many old land cameras. I spent a very long time admiring all of them..

I couldn’t decide on buying any of them though, but I did find these neat old flash bulbs I had seen around ebay and thought about getting. They were a good price so I snatched them up! I’m not sure if they fit any of the cameras  have, but I always thought it would be cool to use one or two.

Steven likes old black and white photos and he picked out this one, of somebodies funeral.  I picked out the one with the cats!

The next store I didn’t take any pictures of, but Steven found an old guitar and I saw a camera I liked.. But I still didn’t get it.

We saved our favorite store for last, it has wall to wall books and many other treasures. We ended up finding some pretty cool books.
I saw this bag sitting among the books and peaked inside. I was so surprised I closed it right away and just stared off into space for a while. The whole day I had it in the back of my mind that I wanted a newer Polaroid camera. And I just happened to find one!

This camera was made in the early 80s, and while Polaroid no longer makes film for it,  The Impossible Project has taken to trying to re create the film, and I am excited to get some and try it out!

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  1. My nan had that exact model of Polaroid! Playing with it as a little girl is one of my fondest memories (though it didn't happen often as film was expensive!). Such a great find, they go for quite silly prices on places like eBay! I keep hoping to thrift one myself one day.
    I love collecting old black and white photos too, I love imagining who the people in them might have been and what they were like.

  2. Oh you found you great things, especially that Carl Sagan book! Speaking of which we found the vinyl soundtrack to his original Cosmos show the other week which was pretty awesome! I have a weakness for vintage photographs myself, those and postcards, I have to limit myself or i'd end up rehoming them all when we come across them at estate sales.

  3. oh my goodness, i've been looking for a newer polarid camera too! great find. i love what you wrote,t oo. i would just stare in to space for a while trying to process what was happening lol.
    love collecting old photos. some people think its weird to have pictures of families and those i don't know, but i think that's what makes it cool.

  4. awesome finds with the cameras and the carl sagan book! i treasure so many cool things that i've found op-shopping/thrifting over the years. a couple of years ago i actually picked up the soundtrack to carl sagan's cosmos on vinyl for $5 and it's still one of my favourite things i've ever found!

    little henry lee

  5. So many cool cameras in that place! And funny about the flash bulbs, like a blast from the past, my mom had a little camera like the one pictured on the box and used those. What a hassle it used to be to have all those flashes & film on hand for the big life events. So much easier now!

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