I have had great luck at my favorite thrift store lately!

On my most recent trip I found this nice bag which I plan on converting into a camera bag with a camera bag insert, a garden book that I couldn’t pass up, a SUPER cute teapot, a mini elephant figurine and some old spice cologne that Steven wanted. 
I was so excited when I saw this teapot, it was 4 dollars! I’m not sure when I’ll want such a small serving of tea though, maybe if I make it super strong? Haha.

I also got a laundry basket for 99 cents that I didn’t take a picture of, but I grabbed it as soon as I saw it in the store. Has anyone else noticed how ridiculously expensive laundry baskets are?? The first one I bought was a cheap one from walmart which broke as soon as I brought it home. So I begrudgingly bought an expensive one, but then I lost the handle which revealed the thinnest plastic underneath, which promptly broke too -_-  The one I got seems very sturdy and doesn’t have those stupid handles so I’m pretty happy about it!
As I was about to check out, I looked down and spotted this camera in a box of junk! I immediately grabbed it and then realized it didn’t have a price tag, which means they wouldn’t sell it to me 🙁 But the lady was really nice and said she would set it aside and call me as soon as it was priced. I waited for days and was beginning to think they had forgotten when I realized I had just missed a call on my phone saying they had priced it at 3.99!  So we raced to the store and got it!  I bet they thought I was nuts for coming to get it so fast because they probably thought it was just a toy, haha. It’s a remake of the original Diana cameras that were made in the 60’s, but it’s still a great deal because these retail at around 50-60 dollars. I recognized it from a book I picked up in Pittsburgh about toy cameras, I’m so glad I bought that book otherwise I may have walked right past it!

 It actually still has film in it, (which I may or may not have accidentally overexposed :/ ) but I’m going to use up the rest of that roll and see how it turns out.

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  1. Some really great finds! That bag is very lovely and would make a great camera bag. I love that tea-set too, my boy would just love that. How very lucky of you to find that gorgeous camera too! I hope that the film is all good. It would be very interesting to discover what photographs have already been taken on it.

  2. You totally scored with the camera and that little tea set! It's amazing that the camera still has some film too – it'll be so neat if you can get them developed!

  3. great finds!the tea set is so much fun. but really, the camera is my favorite. SO COOL that there's still film inside. that just so exciting. love finding old cameras, but i haven't found one with film still in it!

  4. Great Thrifty haul & nice photos of your super loot! Isn't it a terrific feeling when you find such cool stuff, that you didn't even know you wanted for bargain prices?!!!
    That camera is so awesome …I want it!
    uh oh, I feel like I need to stop in to Megathrift tomorrow…

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