September flew by so quickly I barely had time to realize that it even was September. Part of that was the hot weather that stuck around for way longer than usual; it felt like it was still August all month!

Maybe it was the prolonged heat that had me feeling lazy. Most days after work this month I didn’t really do much of anything, and my photos are really piling up because I have put off editing and posting them. And I also seemed to have developed a bad case of writer’s block. 

But I did end up doing a few interesting things this month:

We have been exploring a new construction area downtown. I have been keeping an eye on it from my office window at work. 

During the month of September there is an apple harvest festival in town that is always fun to visit. But there are always way too many people for me to get any photos I actually like. (I don’t like having random people in my pictures!) So every year I take the same photo of these apples.

The road I take to work has become the latest construction zone. I thought the holes they punched in it were funny. But what isn’t so funny is the detour that doubles the time it takes me to get to work..
This time of year always get me in the mood for an evening trip to Pilot Mountain to watch the sunset!
My camera collection has been neglected lately, so I loaded up my little Argus 35 mm with some film and took it for a walk around Old Salem. One day I’ll get all these film rolls developed!

The weather has finally started to turn cooler and I am ready to start enjoying fall! 

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