Recap, September

This September

I immersed myself in everything pumpkin.

I attempted canning for the first time. 

The sweet and spicy pepper sauce turned out great. I haven’t tried the pickled banana peppers yet.
I almost got killed by a plant. 

The sap from this eviiilll poison oak got on my arm without me realizing, and then transferred to my stomach and legs. It looked like a second degree burn and itched like nothing I’ve felt before. Three weeks in, the itch is nearly gone and the scars are beginning to heal………

 I made an effort to bake more.

These were some delicious pumpkin s’more brownies. I also made some pretty good pumpkin muffins!

I attended the first bonfire of the year.

 I am hoping to attend, (and host!) a lot more!
This last month was a lot of fun. I am so excited that Steven and I were finally able to find new jobs! They are just the kind of jobs we always dreamed about; Research positions downtown in our own city. We both start our jobs on the same day, which is kind of funny, and we will be working across the street from each other. What fun! 

September was a pretty great start to the autumn season. I just can’t believe how fast it went!
 I have a lot of great autumn-y plans for October and I hope I can fit everything in. I want to visit a pumpkin patch and a corn maze this year. I’ve never been to either! Plus we have to fit in all our usual fun autumn plans like the fair, scenic mountain drives, pumpkin carving parties, ect.

I hope everybody else had a great September!