May, Recap

This May

Just the other day I was trying to recall the date, and I was trying to remember if it was May yet. I was in for a rude awakening when I realized that, not only was it in fact, already May, but that it was almost June. What happened?  May flew by with incredible speed. 

May brought some wild storms; some of which were followed by rainbows.

We discovered some new garden stores and bought plenty of new plants. 
We have gotten into cooking with tofu, and made this spicy broccoli and tofu dish the other day. It was so good, and healthy!

I also added some purple to my hair and am already dreaming up what colors I’ll add next..

I am hoping that June does not speed by as quickly, because I just love this time of year.

In May my goals were to get back into the habit of having more blog posts scheduled, which I was able to do finally.  Sadly the month just went by too quickly for me to start up my Etsy shop again. (I thought I still had like, two weeks of May left!)

In June my goals are to get my Etsy shop back up and running, work on learning French again, and to just enjoy each summer day. Two years ago it seems we were always going on adventures and I’d like to do that again.

Did May go by quickly for you too?