My flowers continued to bloom. This was our first year growing Gladiolus, they were a success! 

We hosted a July Fourth party and I baked an apple pie, crust and all!

We have finally started biking again, and can’t get enough!

My veggie garden has made a few things. We have loved making fried green tomato sandwiches.

My Jalapeno bonsai has been hard at work. 🙂

July ended up being a pretty good month. We haven’t been doing as many outdoor activities as I would like, but it has been just so darn hot outside. Like the type of hot where the air feels thick, and you break a sweat even when standing in the shade not moving. It makes me feel like I’m going to suffocate. I am not cut out for living in this kind of heat.. 

But, we’re in the last month of summer now and it should be cooling down a bit. I used to hate August, it was by far my least favorite month. But now I have grown to like it. It’s kind of a last chance to squeeze as much fun out of summer as you can, and the feeling that fall is just around the corner is always exciting. But perhaps my favorite part of August, is our BEACH TRIP. I love the beach so much and I am stupid excited for our trip next week. 

I hope everybody has a lovely month ahead!

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  1. I feel you with the heat, we are in Winter at the moment and where I live it starts really heating up halfway through spring so by Summer it's just horrid and I'm no good with heat and my Summers are spent indoors in the dark because I get really bad migraines. So, Summer and I aren't really friends. Since I got my bike I've done nothing but ride, we live down the road from the beach and we are more or less surrounded by water which means you can spend a good couple hours cycling along the waterfront and with our winters is just beautiful.

  2. I think my Glads were put in the garden a little too late for them to flower this year, ah well. I have a load more of them on my buying list for next year. I'm a wuss in American summer heat, even in the somewhat “cool” Michigan heat of the mid to high 80's. My English skin wasn't made for this weather lol.

  3. That pie looks great!! And I've never had fried green tomatoes. I should really get on that…
    I'm looking forward to the weather cooling down a bit too. I don't mind the heat, but too many days in a row eventually get to me.

  4. Usually there is always something to look forward to. Summer is such a fun time with all the garden in bloom, fresh fruit & veg to name a few of my fav things. I really enjoyed driving down our street and checking to see what surprise colors of gladiolus has bloomed in your garden!
    And you have to make another pie soon because that was looked amazing and tasted wonderful ~pie heaven
    Xo ♡mom

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